Dance Photography

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Dance photography services for companies, schools, choreographers, and individual dancers.


Season Promotion and Advertising

Pre-season photography to help make your season brochure, posters and programs sell more tickets and subscriptions. Images can be created at any scale from web and video resolution all the way up to billboard, vehicle and truck wraps, and general outdoor advertising.

Headshot Photography

Give your audience a more personal look at the artists they are sponsoring.

Rehearsal Photography

Rehearsal photography for the purpose of documentation, training and promotion of your dance production. Still photography and video, location, studio and venue options available.

Production and Set Photography

Document your set, costumes and general production materials for use in rental catalogs and archives.

Dancer and Choreographer

Portfolio Development

For dancers and choreographers who are looking to build a portfolio and document their work. Still photography and video, location and studio options available.

Dance Student

Headshot & Poses

For dance students who need a standard set of headshot and poses for summer dance program and school applications. Still photography and video created at your location.