Dance Photography Rates (Return to Dance Photography Overview)

Full Day$4,000
1/2 to 3/4 Day$2,000
1/2 Day$1,000

Image Use Rights fees may be in addition to the day rates and are calculated on a per-contract basis.

These rates cover anything that I can do on my own-on location or in a studio without renting equipment or assistants. Setup and takedown is part of the 4 or 8 hours, so it is generally best to schedule location and studio shoots on different days for efficiency.

Multi-Day and Project Rates
Multi-day shoots are bid based on the job, travel, assistants ($200-500 per), and expenses (studio rental, equipment rental, etc) and follow the same basic $1000/$2000/$4000 rate schedule outlined above.

Rehearsal Shooting
Rehearsal shooting at $500-750 per production per rehearsal. This generally results in 3,000 to 7,000 images per shooting session.

Process and Turnaround
Post Processing

Each Full Day of photography services comes with 5 hours of photoshop time included. Image transfer, backup and storage fees are included with the day rates. Every one hour of shooting is generally represented by 1-2 hours of post processing (photoshop, storage, archiving, exporting, uploading to client). I prefer to immediately review and select images, on site if possible, so that my post-processing work can be as efficient as possible.

Deliverables and the Image Use Rights
I don’t sell images or copyrights and I don’t provide unedited raw image files without special arrangement ahead of time. What I do is provide is licenses to use images with prices based on a number of factors. These factors include intended media usage, duration of use, etc.