Real Estate, Property & Architecture

I approach real estate, property & architecture work with the same eye for color and light, the same attention to detail, and with the same advanced lighting skillset from my two decades of commercial work in the performing arts industry.

I am currently working in the Corvallis, Albany, Philomath and the greater Willamette Valley area. +1 (541) 513 1889

Services and Rates

Real Estate

  • Still Photography – Available Light ($165+)
  • Still Photography – Advanced Studio Lighting ($350+)
  • Still Photography – Aerial / Drone ($100*)
  • Still Photography – Golden Hour, Sunset/Sunrise, Night ($100+)
  • Video – Aerial Neighborhood Overview ($100*)

(+Prices listed are for homes 3,500 square feet and smaller. Prices change as property size increases)

(*I am licensed/certified by the FAA as a commercial drone pilot under 14 CFR Part 107)

Property / Project & Architecture

  • Project Documentation and Portfolio Photography – Interior and Exterior
  • Project Documentation and Portfolio Videography – Interior and Exterior
  • Aerial Project Documentation and Portfolio Photography*
  • Aerial Project Documentation and Portfolio Videography*
  • Photography and Videography for Publication in editorial publications in print or online

(Contact me using the information below for price estimates based on job description.)

(*I am licensed/certified by the FAA as a commercial drone pilot under 14 CFR Part 107)

Anyone flying a drone for commercial purposes — that is, not operating solely for recreation or hobby purposes — must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA to be certified to fly under Part 107. Flying commercial drone operations without certification can result in civil penalties with significant fines. In the case of egregious violations, criminal sanctions can be imposed.