COLOR CODE STUDIO photography services

Giving Back

My photography helps connect individuals and their communities with ideas and experiences. I truly believe a good image is often the only way to convey information broadly and effectively, across geographic, language and cultural boundaries. I've seen my photography do this, make a positive difference to my client's bottom line. It's what I do-promote others, share their ideas, tell their story and spread the gospel of whatever it is they believe in. Help them make money. That's the job, and I do love it. But I have never been a dancer, choreographer, educator, politician, or even part of a civic or religious group. Me? More than anything else, I have always been concerned about the environment and the natural world. As I raise two beautiful young children and worry for their future on this planet I feel the need for this personal work more than ever. It's not enough simply for me to enjoy the natural world, it's time for me to do my part. And since I don't run an program re-introducing beavers into watersheds around the northwest I thought I should continue doing what I do and help others do what they do.

I would like to offer to donate photographic services to individuals and institutions or non-profits working in environmental science and stewardship, carbon sequestration, wildlife, ecosystem and forest management, and renewable and nuclear energy research. Those who need the kind of imagery that can help ensure grant approval and reporting, broaden audiences and make a positive impact on society.

Please contact me to discuss your project.