COLOR CODE STUDIO photography services

Season and production promotional photography and rehearsal photography for dance and performing arts. Listing, aerial/drone, and video walkthrough for real estate. Editorial portraiture, event, and classroom photography.

Real Estate Residential Listing Photography


  • $150 Drone Still Photos
  • $350-1,000 Interior–Exterior w/ Professional Lighting*
  • Fast turnaround
  • Natural look. No HDR or rendering.
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  • Fast turnaround
  • Sports, Spot-News, Feature
  • Up to 100 megapixel resolution
  • Standard IPTC/EXIF metadata
  • Direct to FTP/Network uploading
  • All weather, all locations.
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Editorial & Portraiture


  • Custom portrait & editorial for publication
  • Natural light and strobe
  • Location or studio
  • 50 and 100 megapixel resolution options
  • Immediate and remote image review
  • Local, national, international
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Event Photography


  • Documentary/Journalistic Style Coverage
  • All locations and conditions
  • Fast turnaround of images
  • Access to high resolution files
  • Corporate, civic, wedding, and family events
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Rehearsal/Production Photography


  • Completely silent cameras
  • Tech, dress and live Shows
  • Small, medium, and large venues
  • *Larger venues (>5,000 audience) may require rental equipment during live shows
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Advertising/Promotional Photography


  • Promotional photography for productions
  • Studio or Location
  • Local, national, international
  • 50 or 100 megapixel color calibrated medium format workflow
  • 1/2, full, and multi-day rates
  • Battery or AC/Mains powered lighting
  • All weather, day or night
  • Individual to large group lighting
  • Live wireless real-time image review
  • Flexible image licensing
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